Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wardrobe Malfunction at the Office

Today I wore a long, flowing skirt to the office with matching shirt and vest. One of my favorite outfits because A) it doesn't need to be ironed; and, B) it's super comfy.

While completing a 10-page award nomination form, an e-notice popped up on the monitor that my weekly meeting with the CEO and Executive Vice President would start in five minutes. I rolled back in my chair to put something away in the filing cabinet and then stood up hear the sound of material ripping to shreds. I looked down to see my slip staring back at me through a huge hole in my skirt. It was caught in the wheel of my office chair. Uh-oh!

To make matters worse, I couldn't get the skirt out of the wheel of the chair no matter what I tried. I considered my options: A) step out of the skirt, so I'd be standing in my slip and cut the skirt from the wheel; B) keep pulling and ripping...hoping the tear didn't go thigh high; or, C) cry out for help in desperation. A female (thankfully) co-worker heard my pleas and helped me out of the mess with a combination of kneeling, pulling, and more ripping (along with plenty of laughing).

I asked, "Now what do I do...I have a meeting with the CEO?" The hole was at least six inches wide...there was no hiding it. She said, "Grab the stapler" so we did, and stapled up the hole together in the skirt. With what was left of my dignity, I went to the meeting. Not my finest professional moment.

I've decided it's okay to have an occasional non-professional moment at the office. For starters, it keeps you humble. It also helps you and your kids relate with each other better. They can tell you about their embarrassing moments in the classroom or on the playground and you can share with them about your not-so-glamorous moments at the office. It's a great way to bond over moments of distress!

One more thing..."thanks mom" for telling me to always wear a slip with my could've been a much more embarrassing day! :)

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BenJoe said...

You pulled off the ripped skirt look very well

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