Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

I can’t remember the last time I saw a phone booth, but I sure could use one.

You know, like the phone booth Clark Kent uses when he becomes Superman.

Sometimes I switch from mommy mode to professional-career–woman mode faster than a speeding bullet.

Like today…dropped off the four-year old at daycare and ten minutes later I’m sitting in a top-floor management meeting discussing the implications that Reg E legislation will have on company revenue.

A couple of hours afterward I’m at the pediatrician’s office for my four year-old’s pre-kindergarten check-up… helping her pee in a cup. A few of minutes after holding her down for immunization shots, I found myself at the McDonald’s PlayPlace eating something I’d rather not discuss. In between sips of Diet Coke, I’m reading office email from my Blackberry.

Then it’s back to the daycare and over to the office while checking voicemail. Another few hours of cranking out reports, putting out fires, and bringing home the bacon then I’m back at the daycare to begin the commute and figure out what’s for dinner.

On the home front it’s a three-ring circus with the girls comprising of homework, play time, bath time, story time, and bed time.

(Wait…that would be a five-ring circus, wouldn’t it? There’s a good reason I’m the company marketing director and not the accounting manager.)

Let’s not forget there is a man who lives in my house. I’ll call him my husband/sidekick for helping me leap tall buildings in a single bound. (Did Superman have a sidekick, or was that Batman?)

My husband/sidekick is a good partner for fighting crime, mowing the lawn, emptying the cat’s litter box, and making pancakes on Saturday morning so I can sleep in. Love that guy!

Now if he could only find me a phone booth…

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Melinda said...

You are SUPERMOM in my book! Good Job

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