Monday, April 19, 2010

My Career Is A Sham

I have a secret.

I work because it gives me an excuse to wear high heel shoes every day.


The whole “I-work-to-help-financially-support-the-family” statement is just a front for my high heel shoes addiction. My career is a sham…it’s really about the footwear.

I suppose I could sashay around the house in my heels, but it just wouldn’t feel right. Home is for flip flops, comfy slippers and Crocs.

Confession: I have a pair of hot pink Crocs. OH YES I DO!

Crocs are great for trudging around the basement, working in the yard, and taking out the trash. However, I vow never to wear them outside the perimeter of our one-third acre lot.

Wearing heels certainly doesn’t revolve around foot comfort. In fact, experience has taught me that the cuter the shoes the more they hurt my feet. Of course, there’s probably nothing wrong with the shoes…it’s almost certainly my abnormally long second toe(s).

As long as I’m blogging about toes, I’m going to make my annual plea to the ladies: If you’re going to wear open-toed high heels P-L-E-A-S-E get a pedicure. You may get away with funky feet when you’re wearing casual flip flops, but high heels require a little bit more TLC for your footsies.

For me, a little bit of heaven is sneaking over to the nail salon on my lunch break for a pedi foot spa. ***BLISS!!!***

Here’s a helpful hint: Take a pair of “fancy flip flops” (my second favorite shoe category) with you to the salon to slip back into your workplace so you don’t mess up the new polish.

(According to our corporate dress code, even fancy flip flops are prohibited…so I must be stealth in my flip flop re-entrance into the building and hide in my office for the next hour or two. Dangerous? Yes…but just about everything related to wearing heels is precarious.)

I was on a business trip one time and had a couple of hours to kill so I found salon for a quick pedi. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any of my flip flops with me so I had to use the salon’s fake-y flip flops and those are awful…so now I keep a spare pair with me at all times in case of emergency.

As I strive for balance in my mom + career world, I’ve asked myself this question: “What kind of example are you setting for your young daughters with your heels obsession?”

My eight year-old daughter can already tell you this: “There is no such thing as too many pairs of shoes.” I taught her young, and I taught her well.

As for the four year-old girl, I’m beaming with pride and approval as I see her prancing around the house in my high heel shoes.

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ajwhet10 said...

Foot glamor is REAL glamor!!! You Go Girl!!

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