Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mommy Politics

I finally finished reading Going Rogue by Sarah Palin.

For the record, I’m not 100% in-synch with former Governor Sarah Palin’s political philosophies. But that’s okay…I can appreciate and respect different points of view.

Love her or not, she’s an interesting study of a successful woman managing a family and career.

From the beginning, Sarah included her children in political campaigns. When she ran for City Council, she would go door to door pulling her young kids in a wagon. At City Council meetings, her baby would sit at her feet in the carrier.

Sarah’s children helped her campaign for Mayor, Lt. Governor and Governor. The children would go with their parents to public events all over the state. Sarah and her “First Dude” husband Todd loved Alaska, and wanted to share it with their children.

Ironically, several ethics complaints were filed against the Governor for inviting her family to travel with her on official state business. While I realize there must be a separation of personal and tax-funded expenses, I believe that working parents should be able to include their young children in the work place when appropriate… especially when extensive travel is required.

It was only natural that her children would participate in the 2008 presidential campaign when Sarah was on the ticket with John McCain. At the events, many people were more excited about meeting Sarah’s kids than the candidates.

Sarah talks about becoming a “Mama Grizzly” when the media and other politicos attacked her children during the presidential campaign. I’m sure Michelle Obama would have reacted in a similar fashion if her children had been unforgiving targets of the media. That’s how us moms roll…we protect our young.

The five Palin children aren’t perfect kids. Todd and Sarah Palin aren’t perfect parents. They are all dealing with real life issues…a son serving in the military during wartime, a teenage daughter who is a single mother, and a toddler son with Down syndrome.

The two Windley children aren’t perfect either. Ryan and I aren’t perfect parents. Our “real life” issues may not be as dramatic as the Palin’s, but we have our challenges. Who doesn’t? That’s life.

Throughout the book, Sarah turns to God for help with raising her children. I truly relate with Sarah in this regard. I can’t imagine not turning to my Father for guidance when it comes to family matters. Especially when I’m away from them 50+ hours each week…I say an extra prayer each day that my kids will be safe and well-cared for while we are apart.

Working moms…if you can find time in your crazy schedules, I recommend you read this book. You can skip over the battles with city hall and the big oil companies. Pay attention to the sections on how Sarah balances marriage, family and her career.

Final thought: we need more working moms in the political scene to represent our needs and interests.


Valliere said...

I've been wanting to read this; now I have another reason to do so!

Camille said...

It's always educational to learn how other working moms incorporate their families! I agree - Sarah has done a good job with her family.

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