Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm So Lame!

I’m lame. WE'RE lame. SO LAME!

When I was single and newly married, we used to have plans EVERY three-day weekend. BIG PLANS!

We would go to Vegas or Jackson Hole or Yellowstone or Texas or California or Idaho… well, Idaho isn’t too exciting. But the point is we would GO! Get the heck outta Dodge! Bon Voyage! Hasta La Vista Baby!

Now we have a house. And two children. The house and the kids come with lots of responsibilities. And bills. Taking a three-day whirlwind trip conflicts with those responsibilities and bills.

So now we stay home. We clean the house. We work in the yard. And we run around doing all of those little things that we don’t have time to do in a normal five-day work week.

Oh, we may head over to a backyard BBQ. (Shout out to my sis and bro-in-law who make awesome ribs with all the fixins'.) But that’s about it. We have to be refreshed to start the week early Tuesday morning. Because we all know that a three-day weekend is followed by cramming five days of work at the office into four days.

But I still love three-day weekends. L-O-V-E! Even if they aren’t as fun-filled and action-packed as they used to be, I get to spend more quality time with my husband and girls. And sometimes, having no plans turns out to be the best plan of all!

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Renee said...

ditto, Diana, ditto!

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