Friday, June 25, 2010

Not A Natural Blonde

I made my regular trip to the hair therapist yesterday...that would be Katie at the salon. My hair has issues that can only be resolved by sitting in a swivel chair for a couple of hours every six weeks.

For those of you who have only seen my photo, or who have known me for less than 15 years (such as my husband), you may not realize that I'm not a natural blonde.

Shocking..I know.

It's pure vanity on my part. Nothing is quite like the feeling of getting tin foil and chemicals layered throughout my hair.

Not that I don't love brunettes...or's just that I've been blonde for so long now that I wouldn't recognize myself any other way.

In addition to not being a natural blonde, I'm not a Cosmopolitan reader. When I was sitting under the dryer last evening with my feet propped up just loving life, I picked up a copy of Cosmo in the magazine rack next to me. My first reaction was holy guacamole (or something similar).

Sure, I see the sexy photos and headlines in the checkout line at the store...but it's been 20+ years since I actually thumbed through an issue. The ads, the articles...everything...Yikes! I'm sure that I turned pink then red then purple...and that wasn't from the heat of the dryer!!!

From now on I'll stick to my usual family friendly or working professional media choices when I'm at the salon...or anyplace else as far as that goes.

Does anyone have a copy of Home and Garden or ForbesWoman I can borrow?

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