Sunday, June 20, 2010

Too Many Dogs on the Leash

Have you ever seen a photo of a professional dog walker? You know…those people who get paid to walk other people’s dogs around for exercise. The person walking the dogs is just trying to keep up without falling flat on their face.

I’m that proverbially dog walker. I have too many dogs on the leash. Any moment now I'm going to fall face-first into a pile of doggy-doo. And I don’t even own a dog!

Seriously…if I have to put one more “dog” on the leash I think it just may be the end. The end of what, I don’t know. My sanity? I think that already went bye-bye.

When the going gets tough, the tough goes for the jetted tub. On go the scented candles and the spa music. More stress = more candles. Some nights it looks like a bonfire.

Filling the jetted tub is "code" to my family, “Stay away…or I just may blow a major fuse.”

A few months ago I was filling the tub for a third time in a week. My eight year-old asked me, “Did you have another hard day at work mom?”

So I tell her, “Just like school, some days are better than others.”

It really is as simple as that…at home and at the office. We take the good with the bad, the excitement with the mundane, and the joy with the pain.

And if you’re like me…you take a couple of Advil with a Diet Coke.

Self-declared time-outs are a good thing for moms. Maybe it's not the jetted tub...perhaps it's the treadmill...or yoga...or chocolate...or lots more chocolate. Maybe it's watching Oprah...while eating chocolate.

Shoe shopping seems to be another good time-out for me.

Actually...if I could try on new shoes while soaking in the jetted tub surrounded by scented candles, I believe I could solve all of my problems. Probably solve all of the worlds problems while I'm at it.


I think I'll go start the tub...


Martincrew said...

You are my kind of girl! Baths, candles, bubbles, chocolate but diet Pepsi is my drink of choice and 3 days a week?? Your doing good! 7 is magic for this Mama!

Smith Family- Puerto Rico Style said...

I hope this week goes better for you. After the baby comes I want to come up for a girls day out!

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