Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What I Already Know

I've been thinking again. That in itself can be dangerous.

What I've been thinking about (again) is going back to school to get an MBA.

As strange as it may seem, I want to find out what I already know. I graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts degree from BYU in 1994 (Communications major and Business minor). I'm not sure what I really learned with that degree other than how to write papers and how to work in groups with people I don't particularly like.

Actually...both skills have proven to be very valuable during my career.

Much more enlightening than my college education is the subsequent 16 years of professional experience in the Marketing/Advertising/PR/Communications world. In particular, I've spent the last 11 years in financial services marketing...five years on the bank side and six years on the credit union side.

(And yes, believe me, they are two very different sides.)

So I want to find out what my Bachelor's Degree and 16 years of professional experience has not taught me.

Would I go to school and be completely lost because it's been so long since I've been in the classroom?

Or, would I kick-butt and get a 4.0 without any problem? (After all, there was no Internet when I went to college the first time. How hard could it be now?)

I guess there's only one way to find out.

I hate excuses, but there are some very good reasons that I'm not applying for MBA school at the moment.

The first two reasons have names: 1) Lauren; and, 2) Jenna. These two adorable girls call me "mom" and I cherish our time together. I already work full-time outside of the home, so taking another 10 hours in class plus study time just doesn't seem fair to my little chicas.

The third and fourth reasons: 3) Time; and, 4) Money. As previously mentioned, I already work a 40-hour week. And money...tuition costs are sky-high. I'd have to raid our girls' college funds to simply pay for the first semester.

The fifth and six reasons: 5) Writing more papers; and, 6) Working in groups with more people I don't particularly like. As much fun as that was the first time around, I actually get paid to do those things now. (Not that I don't just L-O-V-E all of my co-workers. They are great people! Hi guys!)

Looks like I'll be waiting a bit longer to find out what I already know.

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Melinda said...

You will know when the time is right. As for me I hate school. I got an AA but took a break after that....lets see how long that break will be...hmmmmmm Its just so hard when you have a family and a job.

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