Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mother-Daughter Bonding

I wouldn’t classify myself as an animal lover, but we do have a 10 year-old cat named Frasier that I’m quite fond of. And when we make it over to the Morgan County Fair each August, I like to check out the bunny rabbits. The lop-eared rabbits are my favorites. They’re just so darn cute!

The only problem with visiting the bunnies is that they’re usually busy...if you know what I mean. Honestly, I don’t think two rabbits can co-exist in a cage without some sort of assault taking place.

Such was the case Thursday night. After work, I picked up the girls from daycare and we drove over to the fair. We were having a great time looking at the adorable bunnies when a couple of rabbits started doing what they’re famous for.

There I am, having a fun, semi-educational moment with my children and "Thumper" starts going for it. I guess that we saw a bit more of an "exhibit" than we bargained for at the fair.

I think that I’ll recommend to the fair organizers that they post a disclaimer before entering the area.

WARNING: What you are about to see could be disturbing and not appropriate for children or their "city-girl" mothers.

Fortunately, I was able to distract my daughters with some chickens on the other side of the aisle. Unfortunately, that act became a distraction to everyone else in the building because my four year-old who is terrified of chickens started screaming.

We quickly moved on and went past the hogs located in the next shed. I am happy to report that "Wilbur" and his pals were not participating in any inappropriate activities. They looked quite content just laying around in the straw and mud, stinking up the joint.

Obscene rabbits. Scary chickens. Smelly pigs. What else could a mother and her daughters ask for on a girls’ night out?

In the end, the evening was a success with the help of some snow cones, temporary tattoos and a first place sticker on my eight year-old daughter’s artwork in the Junior Crafts division.

Next time we're looking for some mother-daughter bonding, I think we’ll just go shopping.


Valliere said...

I want to know more about J's fear of chickens!

Sanket said...

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