Friday, September 24, 2010

Life is Just a Bag of Trail Mix

I’m the kind of person that picks out and eats the almonds, cashews and M&M’s in the bag of trail mix. I make no apologies for my behavior. Life’s too short to eat raisins and frankly I don’t need the extra calories from the peanuts after eating all of the other stuff.

Unfortunately, trail mix has a disproportionate amount of raisins and peanuts compared to my favorites. Such is life.

My momma never said that “Life is like a bag of trail mix.” But I just did. And I’m a momma.

There are the sweet moments like family vacations and holiday celebrations. There are the savory moments like job promotions and buying a new house. And then there are boring moments. Lots of them. Actually, they seem much longer than moments. Hours, days or even weeks filled with necessary yet unexciting activities and responsibilities.

As you may have guessed, I’m dealing with the post-vacation blues. We’ve been home less than two weeks and I’m already thinking that we need to go somewhere. Soon. But then I look at our personal financial statement and remember we’re outta money because of the 11-day trip we just took to Peru. In the trail mix of life, that vacation was a ginormous bag of M&M’s.

So my life has returned to raisins and peanuts. I’m not complaining. We never slow down long enough for things to get stale. Just throw me a few M&M’s, cashews and almonds every so often and I’ll be fine.

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