Thursday, October 28, 2010

Roller Skating Days

I took my girls to a skating party this week. Walking into the rink brought back of flood of memories from my roller skating days at Pooh’s Park in College Station, Texas.

I remember doing the limbo. I remember doing the speed skate. I remember occasionally being asked to do the couple skate. I remember being jealous of the kids who had skates with the lights under the boots.

Those were the days. Good times.

But a lot has changed in 30 years.

For starters, about half of the kids were racing around the rink on Razor scooters. Other kids were cruising with inline skates. Only a few people had the traditional roller skates that I loved back in the late 70s and early 80s.

Of course the sound system is better now. The lights and special effects are definitely more high tech. But the arcade didn't have my favorites Ms Pacman and Frogger. And the snack bar didn't offer Frito Pie. Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen Frito Pie on a menu EVER here in Utah. (God Bless Texas!)

But the real difference was the music. It just ain’t what it used to be. There was no “Disco Inferno”. There was no “YMCA”. There was no “Whip It”.

Come on, people! These kids need some real skating tunes! How can today’s youth truly appreciate the skating experience with music by Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga?

It’s a shame. We may not be able to bring about world peace or solve the global economic crisis, but we can certainly improve the music being played at skating rinks today.

Unfortunately, I have no time to tackle this issue. Or any other issue, for that matter. My days are filled with office work and my evenings are packed with checking homework, doing laundry, and fulfilling church assignments. On the weekends I’m trying to cram in everything that didn’t get done in the week.

I'm just trying to keep my head above water these days. It's been a crazy year and sanity doesn't appear to be headed my way any time soon.

I think I'll make an iPod playlist with all of my favorite roller skating disco tunes. That will make me feel better. Then next time I take the kids to the rink I can listen my personal "oldies but goodies" skating music. And perhaps I'll even sneak in a Frito Pie.


ajwhet10 said...

Yes Diana, I don't mind all the new stuff as the world turns, but I hate that some of the great old stuff gets blown away in the process! (Your generation has never seen Dr. Zhivago, and has no idea why I play "Somewhere My Love" at family funerals . . . )

Melinda said...

Diana I am right with ya. Just cant get into the music they play now at skate land. I mean I like some of the music but not for skating. We need some of the good old 70"s hits like Boogie Wonderland, Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll, And Freak Out! hahaha brings back good memories

Anonymous said...

Ya its always excite to do something which is very special for us and with the rocking music its always something fun to have such a great time.

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