Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Baby

My water broke at 8 a.m. on December 25, 2001. This came as a complete shock for several reasons:

  1. The baby’s due date was still 12 days away;
  2. I didn’t have any contractions or labor pains; and,
  3. It was Christmas morning…what the heck was the baby thinking?
My husband and I just stared at each other in disbelief. This was our first baby. In hindsight, it was a sign of things to come…the first lesson that children are full of surprises.

Ryan started making phone calls, sharing the news.

“Merry Christmas. Diana’s water broke so we’re headed to the hospital.”

Everyone, except for the doctor, thought we were joking.

L O N G story short, the best Christmas present we ever received was born at 9:03 p.m. on December 25th.

So far, Lauren likes her birthday on Christmas Day. One Christmas Eve, when she was about to become five years-old, someone asked her “Lauren, is tomorrow your birthday?”

Her response, “Yep, me and Jesus.”

I suppose if you’re got to choose to share a birthday with someone significant, it would be Him.

I have solicited advice over the years on how to handle the birthday-and-Christmas-all-in-one-day situation. This is what we’ve done so far…feel free to add your suggestions in the comment section of this blog.

  1. There is a birthday present under the tree on Christmas morning from Santa. It is wrapped in birthday paper, not Christmas paper.
  2. We don’t combine birthday presents and Christmas presents. We do Christmas presents in the morning and birthday presents at night.
  3. On the night on the 25th, we have a family birthday party, complete with cake and ice cream. There are usually games and even a piñata.
  4. If she has a birthday party with friends, we hold it in January after the Christmas decorations are put away. If not, she chooses a special family activity to celebrate her birthday on a day other than December 25th. This year she wants us to all go to Tepanyaki for dinner. (Good choice Lauren!)

It always amazes me when Lauren tells someone “My birthday is on Christmas” and they respond “I bet you hate that.”

Really? C’mon people!!!

I’m busting my you-know-what-off to make the birthday-and-Christmas combo a success. And then some yahoo comes along and tells her that she’s getting a raw deal because she was born on December 25th.

There should be a support group for parents with Christmas babies. And our mission will be to stop the stupid things people say to our children about their birthday. We’ll even let parents who have babies born within a week of Christmas join the group.

Other communication points for our Christmas baby support group could be:

  1. Say “Happy Birthday” first and “Merry Christmas” second;
  2. Send a separate birthday card from your Christmas card; and,
  3. Never wrap birthday presents in Christmas paper or gift bags.

I could go on, but in the spirit of season I’ll jump off my soap box.

I wish a very happy birthday to everyone who was born in late December.

Oh, and Merry Christmas too!

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Vicki said...

I have friends whose son was born on Christmas Eve. They gave him the choice of celebrating on birthday or in June on his half-birthday. He's 10 and has been celebrating on his half-birthday for about 5 years.

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