Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fridge Water

The water dispenser in the fridge is broken. I've lived 38 of my 40 years without a water and/or ice dispenser on the fridge door, so you would think this is no big deal.

Wrong, my friends.

This is a HUGE deal.

The other night my five year-old went to get some water from the dispenser located on the fridge door. When it didn’t work, she turned to look at me...stunned.

The blank stare in her eyes said it all: “What should I do now Mom? I’m thirsty, and there’s no water.”

I have a college degree. I solve complex issues at the office every day. Yet, for a moment, I was stumped.

And then it came to me…

Aaaah, yes! We have a faucet in the kitchen that can be used for more than rinsing dirty dishes. We can actually drink water that comes from the kitchen faucet.

(Although the acceptability of the mineral content in the water of the Mountain Green “Cottonwoods Phase 1” subdivision as been a topic of great debate in the last year.)

We’re troubleshooting the fridge problem via Google (if you think life without water in the fridge door is tough, I can’t imagine trying to resolve any household issue without Google…we would actually have to locate an owner’s manual).

With any luck we’ll have the waterless fridge situation resolved shortly. Until then, I just hope nothing more significant than a light bulb goes out…I can’t spare the brain power!

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Melinda said...

We have two side by sides in my kitchen and we don't use either of the water dispensers. We had a water cooler but it broke. Then we were stuck like you. The Az water is not drinkable...YUCK! So we are using gallons of water and water bottles in the fridge.

Hope you figure yours out so life can be back to normal and you can rest well....LOL

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