Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good Jobs & Good Times

One of the things that I enjoy about being in the workforce is the variety of people that I’ve associated with. And while not 100% enjoyable, I’ve had plenty of experiences to help me grow. With 17 years of full-time workplace happenings, I have plenty of stories to tell. For the most part, I’ve enjoyed my co-workers. And I’m thankful they’ve put up with me.

There was the guy who saved the brown paper bag from his lunch every day. He would take it home so his wife could reuse it to pack the next lunch. By doing this, I imagine he saved about $5 over the course of 10 years.

There was my boss who was a chain smoker. Our offices were on the 3rd floor, and the smokers’ “lounge” was outside on the patio of the first floor. This was before everyone had mobile phones. She would forward her office line to my desk so I could run downstairs and outside to get her for calls. This went on every day, all day.

There was another boss who loved to chew on tooth brushes. Every time I walked into his office, he would be gnawing on one like a dog with a chew toy.

There was the staff meeting when a guy co-worker proposed to a girl co-worker in front of 150+ other co-workers. (She actually said YES.)

There was the company where I was the low-person on the totem pole so I was responsible for making the coffee each morning. Never mind that I didn’t drink coffee…that was still my job. I’ve been told that I make a good cup of joe. I’ll have to take their word for it.

There was the guy who wore Birckenstock sandals with socks every day to work...even with a suit.

There was the business trip that I took a two-hour taxi cab ride from Louisville to Cincinnati with four strangers to make a connecting flight and avoided getting stuck in Kentucky for another 48 hours.

There was the company that would put us up in the cheapest hotels imaginable. The “National 9” in Gillette, Wyoming was so bad that I had to put towels on the floor because I was scared to walk on the carpet barefoot.

In contrast, there was the time on a business trip that I was staying at The Mirgage in Vegas and my room was upgraded to a top floor suite.

There was the business trip that my co-worker and I had 7th row seats to the inaugural game of the Arizona Diamondbacks. The highlight was being two steps away from making it in the elevator with Alice Cooper, who sang the national anthem.

There was the business trip I ate who-knows-what at a roadside cafe in middle-of-nowhere Louisiana. (And it was delicious!)

And then there was the business trip I ate world famous KC BBQ in a suite at the Kansas City Royals baseball game.

Seventeen years. Five different jobs. I could go on and on.

Good times.

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