Monday, February 7, 2011

Sick Day

I'm not at work on this Monday. I'm home sick. This isn't as great as it sounds. Sure, I slept past noon and didn't shower til 2 p.m. But daytime TV is horrid and I'm too drugged to focus on reading a book.

My kids would probably prefer I had gone into the office because I'm rather cranky when I'm sick. Likewise, I'm certain my staff is glad that I stayed home so they wouldn't have to deal with my mood.

To help me feel slightly better, I threw on some sick-girl sweats and went to the local convenience store. I wasn't sure which beverage would help me the most, so I bought both Gatorade and Diet Coke. And just in case yogurt covered pretzels can cure what's ailin' me, I picked up a package of those too.

That's probably going to be the extent of my productivity today.

Impressive, I know. (Blah!)

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MartinCrew said...

And I am so sure the diet coke was the best medicine you took! Get well girlie!

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