Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Somewhat Poor" EQ

The other day I attended a “Women In Business” luncheon where the guest speaker’s topic was Emotional Intelligence. I was so excited and motivated about her lecture on Emotional Intelligence that later on I Googled the subject to learn more. I found tidbits such as:

Emotional Intelligence is how we learn to be “smart” with our feelings.


Emotional Quotient (EQ) can be compared to IQ, or Intelligence Quotient. A person’s EQ measures how effectively they use their thoughts and feelings to make optimal decisions and build relationships.

Then I found an online test to determine my EQ. I took the 106-question quiz and awaited the results in anticipation.

I scored 88 out of 155 possible points, placing me in the 21st percentile (just a clarification...that's not so great). And then the quiz provided me the following summary of my EQ score (I'm providing my personal thoughts in red parenthesis):

“According to your self-report answers, your emotional intelligence is 'somewhat poor'. (What???) People who score like you may at times feel that they have trouble dealing with their own emotions and those of others. (Okay, this could be true.) They sometimes struggle to overcome difficulties in their lives and they are not always able to control their moods. (I’m not moody…am I? Of course, that depends on if I’m on a diet and/or lack of sleep. Or I'm stressed.) It may be hard for them to understand how best to motivate themselves to overcome obstacles and reach their goals. (I’m motivated by food, so that in itself is a problem with my goal to lose weight.) In addition, they find social interactions difficult at times, for several reasons. They may have trouble allowing themselves to get close with others, finding it difficult to be vulnerable enough to establish intimacy or perhaps lacking understanding of, or comfort with, social interactions. (Who has time for social interactions? I’m a working mom! That being said, I avoid “getting down in the weeds” with personal issues. Maybe it’s too many years in the business world attempting to appear savvy and tough.) Perhaps by working on your problem areas, you can become more confident in dealing with your own emotions and those of others. (My problem areas are my butt, thighs and gut. In addition, I have a problem finding time to shop for/cook healthy meals for my family and keep the house in a somewhat clean, orderly state. Another emerging problem area is the lovely crop of dandelions coming up in the yard.)

So there you go.

You are reading the words of a blogger who has a "somewhat poor" EQ. Apparently, there’s not a lot of emotional intelligence going on here.

Of course, I’m probably just confirming what you had already suspected about me. So thanks in advance for being my friend…and in particular to those of you who interact with me socially.

Apparently, I need all the help I can get! :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nugget of Wisdom

I came across this little nugget of wisdom today and thought it was worthy enough to share:

"If the world was a logical place,
men would ride side saddle."


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pre-Vacation Craziness

I am worn out getting ready for a little four-day spring break getaway.

It's not enough that I have to get this family of four ready with laundry, suitcases, roadtrip activities, and picnic lunches. (And where the heck am I going to hide the Easter basket goodies in our car?)

No, there's much more to do than just preping the family. If you're a working gal, then there's the stuff to do at the office just so you can be out for a couple of days.

Fortunately, I have a great team who can definitely keep things humming along in our department. But there are things that I can't/won't/don't delegate. Don't ask me why because I probably couldn't come up with a good answer. Maybe it's just for job security.

The point is, when I take vacation I don't just have to get my family ready and my house in order. I have to get my job duties situated so I'm not buried when I walk back in the door.

There is so much time and effort that goes into getting ready for a vacation that I have determined that I need a pre-vacation to get everything all together for the actual vacation. And then when I get back, I need a post-vacation to everything back to normal.

In the ideal world according to Diana Windley, a four-day spring break trip would actually go six days to accomodate pre- and post-vacation days.

But in the real world, I'll work 'til the last minute, cram as much fun as we can into four days, come home dog-tired with suitcases filled with dirty laundry, and try not to drown in the swimming pool of work, school and home life on Monday morning.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wage Gap For Women In Utah

This article should get women in Utah fired up. Unfortunately, it probably won't garner much reaction.

On average, full-time working women in Utah earn $14,600 less annually than their male counterparts.

You can read the full article in the Salt Lake Tribune here:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Interview Questions

Out of the blue, the mail carrier dropped off a package with a book at my office. It’s always nice to receive an unexpected gift. The book is titled Profiles in Marketing Excellence by Pamela Lockard. It profiles marketing professionals who are at the top of their game. I don’t know Pamela personally, but I certainly do appreciate her thinking about her partners in crime (errr, marketers)!

In this book, the author asks the marketing pros who are profiled to answer a question with another question: “What is your favorite interview question?”

I don't know about you, but I've been asked some odd things over the years as I have been interviewed for different jobs. For example:

“Would you leave this job if your husband found a different job out-of-state?” (Seriously? Is this 1960?)

“Why did it take you six years to graduate from college?”
(Missionary service for 18 months in Argentina.)

“You are never to speak with anyone in upper management unless you go directly through me first. Will you have a problem with that?”
(Yes...I think I have a problem with you.)

Always looking for fresh material, I decided to borrow some of the interview questions found in this book to use when I’m hiring for positions in my marketing/sales department. It could make the interview process more insightful…going beyond the normal “what are your strengths and weaknesses?” or “where do you see yourself in five years?” or “what is the last book you read?” Blah! (Everyone already has canned responses for those questions anyway.)

Check out the questions below and ask yourself how you would personally answer them in a job interview.

How do you choose your socks in the morning?

Why wouldn’t I hire you?

What is the best advice you ever received?

What is the higher purpose that drives you?

What do you wish you would have done differently in your career?

What ideas did you have this morning on your way to work?

What would you do if you only had one more day to live?

How much of your success is accidental?

Feel free to tell me your favorite (or worst) interview question in the comment section. I need all the help I can get!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Life Without Diet Coke

I gave up Diet Coke two weeks ago. It’s been a long two weeks…for me, my family, and my co-workers.

And when I say Diet Coke that includes Diet Pepsi, Diet Dr Pepper and pretty much any carbonated beverage that has caffeine. I thought about giving up soda all together, but today I caved and purchased a diet cherry limeade from Sonic.

(Sidenote: Yes, I realize that once they mix in the cherry syrup, they’ve probably added more than enough sugar to make-up for the “diet” part of the diet cherry limeade. I'm not crazy enough to give up caffeine and sugar at the same time.)

I’m not even completely sure why I’m on this quest. I’ve had a couple of friends tell me that giving up Diet Coke helped them lose weight. I can’t see how this is possible because I’ve become a carbaholic in the last two weeks. I’m so tired from the lack of caffeine in my system that I’m grabbing candy, chocolate or whatever other sugary-substance I can find to help me stay awake. (Thank goodness there is an endless supply of Dum-Dums lollypops just one floor down from my office!)

I read online that giving up caffeine would be similar to, and I quote, “coming out of a fog after the first three or four days.” Whatever! If this is what it feels like to be fog-free, then throw me back into the swamp. Things were much clearer when I was on my caffeine buzz.

I must admit that I am sleeping better at night sans the caffeine. Maybe I’m sleeping too well. I’m so tired that I’m dragging myself to bed by 10 p.m. and getting a full eight hours of shut eye. When’s the last time that happened?

I’ve been hitting the treadmill and Thursday-night yoga class to get those endorphins moving. Unfortunately, quality time on the treadmill at 6 a.m. doesn’t give me a boost for that 3 p.m. strategy meeting with the boss.

I’ve gone for long periods of time without Diet Coke in the past. With both pregnancies I gave up caffeine…and went right back to it within hours of delivery.

The jury is still out on the case if Diana will start feeling better without caffeine. We’re two weeks into the trial and I’m not a believer. But I’ll keep the faith. I’m not a quitter…yet.