Friday, May 13, 2011

Diet Coke Update

I lasted 40 days without a Diet Coke before I caved.

I didn't make the Biblical connection of the 40-day Diet Coke fast until a few days ago.

According to the Old Testatment, it rained 40 days and 40 nights during the epic known as "Noah and the Ark". Then the rain stopped and rainbow appeared as a promise that the earth would never be flooded again.

(Or something along those lines. It's been alotta years since I took early morning seminary.)

I didn't find a rainbow at the end of my Diet Coke hiatus, but I discovered something almost as good.

One day I found myself wandering down the beverage aisle at Wal-Mart, looking away from the Diet Coke when I spotted "Energy" Crystal Light.

Intrigued, I picked-up the package. Apparently, "Energy" is code on the front of the label for "Caffeine" listed on the back of the label.

Oh. Baby!

I threw three packages into my cart and skipped on over to the self-checkout lane.

I'm telling you...I pop one of those Energy Crystal Light packets into my bottle of water every morning when I get to the office and BAM! I'm ready to go-go!

These days, an ocassional Diet Coke is saved for a Saturday afternoon or a road trip. Or if I'm eating Mexican food. (It's against the law to eat Mexican food without a Coke...just ask my mom.)

Thanks Energy Crystal Light...for being my personal rainbow after the no-Diet-Coke storm.


MartinCrew said...

I gave up the diet Pepsi too!! except for mexican, italian, burgers and steak dinner... they all most defiantly call for diet Pepsi :)

Meili said...

Okay, I'm gonna ask... why give up the Diet Coke if not for the caffeine?

Alice Wills Gold said...

That is a perfect compromise and I am so with you about Mexican Food and a Coke.

I find a soda a big treat and that makes it all the better when I do drink it.

I think if I was a working mom I would most definitely have to discover the crystal lite with caffeine.

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