Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's Over, Oprah

I may be the only female in the USA who isn’t sad or upset about Oprah ending.

I can honestly say that watching Oprah has not changed my life. It has not inspired me to become a better/worse person. It has not been a motivator to do good/bad in the world. It has not given me hope/despair for the future.

I don’t hate Oprah. I’ll watch Oprah the two times a year I take a sick day.

I can name three times in my life that I watched Oprah on a regular basis, and they are all related to staying home from school/work for a health issue or maternity leave.

Maybe that’s why I’m not upset about Oprah ending. I associate watching the show with pain, misery or sleeplessness. Or seeing Tom Cruise jump up and down on a yellow leather couch.

(Okay…there was that one episode with Bon Jovi that was really good. It actually helped me feel better. You can’t go wrong with those guys.)

I won't be watching the last show (unless I'm sick). And I don't plan on setting the DVR.

It's over, Oprah. Time to put the yellow leather couch on eBay.


Christine said...

Nope, you're not the only female. I'm right there with you. Now, the finale of Dancing with the Stars??? That's another story - and the DVR is set.

Meili said...

You're not the only one. I've tried to watch Oprah a few times, but I always lose interest about 5 minutes in. She's just SO vain. Ciao, Oprah! I'm sure we'll be seeing you.

Martincrew said...

Haha! I am so not an Oprah fan either! Who else puts their own picture on every magazine they publish...geez! Once upon a time I would watch her then I felt she was getting desperate for topics and I said goodbye long ago. Do love her favorite things idea though :)

Denise Wymore said...

Wow - I cannot believe you spoke out against Oprah! LOL. And I totally agree - didn't watch her last episode. Caught a few episodes over the year (when I was sick) and you're so right - rarely made me feel better.

Oh, and the big giant giveaway shows - really? Remember when she gave all of those audience members that crappy car that wouldn't sell?

Great post.

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