Monday, May 9, 2011

Working Mommy Makeover

Sometimes when you're a working mom there are times when your appearance is less than professional. Like when you show up to the office with baby spit-up all over your dry-clean-only jacket. Or you smell like Desitin.

Today was "mommy-makeover" day at my daughter's kindergarten class. She gave me the royal treatment as she rearranged my hair, generously applied three different shades of lip gloss, and "carefully" painted my finger nails with dark red polish. My little girl was quite pleased with her efforts to make mom beautiful.

Immediately following my morning at the Mountain Greeen kindergarten salon, I hopped in the car and raced down to Salt Lake City for a couple of business meetings.

I was able to salvage my hair and lips...but the nails...well, they remained "manicured" for my meetings and the rest of the work day.

And I loved it!

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ajwhet10 said...

DELIGHTFUL post!!! I bet your co-workers honestly wished they had been treated to a makeover by a kindergartener who loved them!

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