Thursday, June 2, 2011

If The Shoe Fits...

It’s the semi-annual closet clean-out event at the Windley house. My girls are growing like weeds and they just can’t squeeze into last summer’s shorts and sandals. Clothes and shoes that are salvageable from my 9 year-old (Lauren) go into a plastic tote in the basement to await their resurrection in three years for my younger daughter. If clothes and shoes have survived the beatings from my 5 year-old (Jenna), we give them to an extended family member .

The other day I sent the girls to their closet to begin the process while I prepared lunch. My specific instructions to Jenna:

“Go to your room, try on all your shoes and put the ones that don’t fit you in a pile so we can take them Sarah’s granddaughter.”

Five minutes later, she walks into the kitchen BAWLING. She was sobbing so hard she couldn’t even catch her breath.

Me, to Lauren: “What’s wrong with Jenna?”

Lauren: “She’s upset because she has to give away her shoes.”

Me, turning to Jenna: “You’re sad about your shoes honey?”

Jenna: [Hysterical bawling followed by a head nod “yes”]

Me: “You only have to give away the shoes that don’t fit you anymore.”

Jenna: [More hysterics]

Me, hugging my distraught child: “I understand honey. I love my shoes too. But if they are too tight on your feet let’s give them to a little girl who can wear them.”

Jenna: [Heart-breaking sobs continue]

Me: “Will you feel better if I buy you some cute new shoes?”

Jenna: [Wiping away tears, head nod “yes”]

Lauren, realizing the opportunity presented in this dramatic situation: “Does that mean I get new shoes too? You always say there’s no such thing as too many shoes.”

Me: “Yes and Yes, I do.”

Like mother, like daughters. New shoes help us feel better.

And as the saying goes, “If the shoe fits, buy it in every color.”

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annie valentine said...

That's awesome. We're in the burn the house down mode right now, two more days in this house before it's boxed up and I'm ready to torch the whole thing. Where did all this junk come from?

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