Thursday, June 16, 2011

Office Reputation

Word-for-word conversation held in my office today...

Co-Worker from Training Dept, and fellow working mom, pokes her head in my office door and said: "Hey Diana, can I ask you a question?"

Me (Marketing Dept): "Sure, what's up?"

Co-Worker: "Does Coke Zero have sugar in it?"

Me: "Nope. No sugar, just like Diet Coke...only it tastes better."

Co-Worker: "Good. I figured if anyone would know around here, it would be you. And you're right, it does taste better. Thanks."

Me: "No problem. Any time."

And that's why I refer to the marketing department as the nerve center of the organization. All of the truly important conversations impacting the good of the business (and for human race in general) take place in that office.

If only walls could talk...

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Amanda Parkinson said...

Nice! You earned kudos for yourself from your co-worker from that one. =) Marketing department is the aspect of the company communicating how smart it is. It is where the gravity is concentrated. Different businesses thought of it as the intelligence center, the central voice, the best source of up-to-date and accurate information.

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