Friday, July 22, 2011

Mom Genes

We recently had an enjoyable extended weekend in St George. Among other things, we hiked in Zion National Park, shopped at the outlet stores, swam in the pool, and attended The Little Mermaid musical at Tuacahn. And let’s face it ladies…we love staying in hotels where someone else makes the beds and picks up the towels.

With so much non-stop togetherness, upon arriving home after a five-hour road trip we all scattered to different parts of the house. My husband went to his office. One daughter headed downstairs to play with her neglected Barbies while the other daughter spent some quality time with the cat in her room.

Me? If you’re a mom, you already know…I headed for the laundry room.

I spent the next three hours managing loads of dirty laundry that had accumulated over the last four days. In between washing and drying, I unpacked/put away everything else, made dinner, sorted through the mail, checked on the garden, updated girl scout uniforms with new patches, and essentially restored order to the entire Windley family universe.

Is there some sort of “mom gene” (not to be confused with mom jeans) that prohibits us from sitting still for two minutes with unpacked suitcases and piles of dirty laundry hanging around the house? I can have a fun-filled and relaxing vacation, but the moment I’m home my life becomes a multi-tasking marathon.

Unless I’m soaking in the jetted tub, I cannot relax in my own home. I’m buzzing all over the house like it’s going to come crashing down if I’m not running around to hold it up.

At this point, I imagine you’re saying to yourself “Diana, if you’d just kick the Diet Coke habit you could probably chill out a little.”

Yep…already been down that road. You can read all about it

So this is my latest try-to-relax-at-home idea…hire a housekeeper. Of course I need to sell this plan to my husband, which won’t be easy.

But hey, I’ve had a full-time career for 17+ years and 9 ½ of those years include children. And it’s not like I want to hire Alice from The Brady Bunch to move in with us and date the local butcher. I just some bathroom scrubbing, floor cleaning and window washing to happen...and not by me.

So let me know if you have any recommendations on housekeeping services. Oh, and how to convince my husband it’s a fabulous idea.

I’ll keep you posted on the results.

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Meili said...

I LOVE the housekeeper idea! And you totally deserve it. And Ryan deserves to have a wife who can take a little time to relax. It will make everyone happier if you are able to decompress with some down time instead of always trying to play catch up.

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