Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Right Word

I'm having issues with a word lately...and that word is PARTNER.

In a book that I recently read, the info about the author stated that "she lives with her partner and their two children in England".

So my question is the partner of the author a legally married spouse, or are they just shacked-up?

In the book, the author described a male character as living with his partner, who was a woman, and their daughter. So I don't think that I should assume that when the author refers to her significant other as her "partner," that it is a same-sex relationship

Part of me thinks that it doesn't matter because I didn't like the book in the first place, so why should I care?

But the other part of me is screaming "it does matter!"

A "partner" is your companion in business, your co-conspirator in crime, the person that you do-si-do with in a square dance.

This guy I've been living with for the last 13+ years isn't merely my "partner"...he is my husband, my best friend, my one and only love, and the father of our children.

Is my husband my partner in life? Yes, technically speaking. But I think the term "partner" sounds cold. Like referring to your children as offspring. Or your cat as a mammal.

It's just not the right word.

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Amberlee said...

Diana I'm with you, when I hear partner I always assume same sex "partner." This is my British accent, Clearly they do it differently in England!

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