Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bravo Ladies!

Due to recent events surrounding my father's illness*, I've spent dozens of hours at the hospital in the last three weeks. Hanging out at the hospital has given me the unique opportunity to meet many women in the healthcare profession.

It may sound nutty, but I've really enjoyed watching these women in their professional element. And because I'm a talker, I've come to learn that many of these ladies are also moms.

This evening I attended back-to-school night with my daughters and met their teachers. Both teachers appeared professional and quite capable in their jobs. And both teachers mentioned in the course of their presentations that they are moms.

I'm so impressed by these women, both at the hospital and the school. They approach their jobs with enthusiasm and professionalism. Their attitudes are refreshing and uplifting. They have inspired me to do more good at my own office.

Bravo ladies!

*updates on Dad's illness are found here:


AML said...

I also salute women who are on top of their careers and also have a beautiful family.

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