Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Yesterday we harvested our first zuchinni, and tonight we made our first batch of zuchinni bread. It's a family favorite...especially with all the chocolate chips we add to the recipe. Of course, this is completely justified because the zuchinni are fresh vegetables grown in our backyard, and it's a great way to get the family their veggies...right?

So the family could hardly wait for the bread to cool a little bit before we devoured it, and I said "Save the end piece for me...that's my favorite."

And my husband said, "You mean the bread butt?"

Really? Bread butt?

How appetizing. How mature.

It was just one of those times I was reminded that even though I don't have a son, I still have a boy living in the house. "Butt" I love that guy...dumb jokes and all!


Martincrew said...

Sooo hilarious! It's the same in the Martin household just more of those dumb jokes! We enjoyed some zucchini bread too! Need the recipe with the chocolate though :)

Meili said...

The bread butt is my favorite too! (Do you use the recipe I gave you?)

Diana Windley said...

Yes Meili...your zuchinni bread recipe is a legend in our home. We will be forever in your debt.

zip codes by city said...

i going to try this recipe...i hope will enjoy :)

Adam Miller

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