Saturday, October 22, 2011

Daycare Finale

My life took such a dramatic turn in August/September 2011 with my father’s sudden illness and death that I overlooked a major milestone in our marriage.

An event that we've eagerly looked forward to for years.

It was a date of significant importance that comes once in a lifetime for working parents everywhere.

We are finished with paying for long-term daycare!

It's over. The end.

Oh glory hallelujah!

For nine years we have paid for daycare.

$100 dollars a week, per child-not-in-school, for nine years.

Although I don’t have an exact dollar amount, my best guess is that we’ve paid $60,000 in child care expenses for our two daughters over the last nine years.

What does $60 grand mean to us?

Half of what we paid for our first house.

Three times what we paid for my car.

15 week-long Caribbean cruises.

25 week-long trips to Disneyland.

150 3-day weekends at the Blue Boar Inn B & B.

600 dinners at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.

1200 pairs of shoes (just kidding…I’m a bargain shopper, so probably more like 1500 pairs of shoes).

So now that we’re daycare free, can we go crazy with the spending?

Nope. Now we get to pay for braces. And piano lessons. And singing classes. And Girl Scout uniforms.

And shoes…not for me, but for two pairs of feet that are growing way too fast.

Oh, the joys and expenses of parenthood. It's the most expensive and best job in the world!


Jen said...

Diana -- I love your blog! Most blogs just make me frustrated or jealous (seriously...who has times to make lunches that look like they belong in a magazine?). While I've worked in Corporate America for almost 15 years, I am very new to being a mom. I hope I can learn a few things from you!

Jen said...

P.S. I'm also a fan of Change Anything, Coke Zero, BB Lemon Cuticle Cream (smells like lemon drops), and the Bon Jovi episode of Oprah. Maybe I can meet you for Sonic Happy Hour on my next trip to Utah.

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