Saturday, March 3, 2012

Book Review: The Seed

The Seed, by Jon Gordon, is a good book...not a great book...but good (and short) enough that it's worth your time.

The full title is

The Seed: Finding Purpose and Happiness in Life and Work.

I was intrigued enough to order it from

The story was a little long, but the parable of the seed is timeless:
1) Preparation
2) Planting
3) Growth
4) Harvest

The author explains the metaphor simply in the final chapter of the book:

"When you reach the harvest state, you are able to look back and see how all the stages are connected. Your past prepares you to be planted. You plant yourself so you can grow. You grow so you can produce a harvest that will produce fruit. And your fruit produces seeds in others that change lives."

Gordon, a Christian man, writes about living for a bigger purpose and greater cause in the book.

I truly appreciated these words...

Life is about more than you. It's about knowing you were made for relationships:
To love
To mentor
To learn
To serve
To create
To work together
To change for the better

What you do with your life is up to you!

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