Wednesday, March 27, 2013


It's been so long since I've written a personal blog post I had forgotten how to log-on. But alas, here I am and this is what I want to say:

I'm pro-traditional marriage. 

That doesn't mean I'm anti-gay. I'm not a hater. I believe we are all God's children, and he loves us. All of us. He has commanded each of us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Therefore, I choose to accept God's will and love my brothers and sisters in His family. All of them.

I also believe marriage is a God-sanctioned union between a man and a woman. Adam and Eve were the first husband-wife couple on Earth. Marriage was defined, by God, from the beginning at the creation.

Regardless of the governmental laws created by and for man in regards to who can legally marry whom, I will stand by my position of pro-traditional marriage.

Some people may respond to this post (or to me personally) by saying I am a bigot or uneducated or narrow-minded or discriminating. I'm okay with that. If Starbucks wants me to sell my stock (if I did have SB stock) for stating my position...fine. If I'm not welcome by some organizations or groups for my beliefs, so be it. 

I'll stand up for my core values. I wish not to offend...only to state my position. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Havent read your blog for a long time. Just happened on it today. You are a great person for standing up for your beliefs. We will all be called to do so at sometime in our lives. I support you and your statement. You Rock!
Barbara Talbot

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