Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Book Review: Inferno

As the days become shorter and cooler, I return to reading for stress relief and relaxation. I'd much rather read than watch TV.

I started reading Inferno by Dan Brown on our way to Washington DC about three weeks ago. As we visited the monuments and sites, I kept thinking of another Dan Brown book The Lost Symbol which was set in DC.

Inferno takes place mostly in Italy...first in Florence and then in Venice. If I could pick just one country in Europe to visit, it would be Italy. Reading this book intensified my desire to tour Italia.

Inferno is the fourth thriller-mystery I've read by Dan addition to aforementioned The Lost Symbol, I enjoyed The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons (my favorite). Whenever I read Dan Brown, I remember years ago when I was sitting in Relief Society and a sister mentioned "minds were being corrupted" with a best-selling novel titled The Da Vinci Code...the very book sitting on my nightstand at the time. If that's true, I'm a lost cause.

The story in Inferno followed a familiar Brown pattern...someone dies, and certainly more people are going down (perhaps all civilization as we know it) if Robert Langdon (aka Tom Hanks) can't piece together a chain of clues found in art, architecture, literature and historical relics. It's entertainment and heart-pounding tension all rolled into one. Brown got me again with a plot twist I didn't see coming...a turn of events so bizarre this time around I wasn't sure if I was buying what Brown was selling.

All the same, it was a good read with a historical-Italian backdrop. In typical Brown fashion, there are ancient religious symbols and themes throughout the book...some of them interesting and others disturbing. In Inferno, the concepts of population control and genetic engineering were troubling and thought-provoking at the same time.

While not my favorite Brown novel, Inferno is a good read on many accounts. 

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