Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Uncrackable iPad Codes

The two youngest occupants of our household are obsessed with MineCraft. On most evenings, I walk through the door from work to be greeted by one of the girls requesting my iPhone while the other one is on the couch deeply concentrating on MineCraft with the iPad. 

I realize that MineCraft is a relatively harmless game and they most certainly could be getting into trouble doing something else. But they should be using that time tackling homework, reading a good book, playing outside, practicing the piano, and so on. 

Ryan and I devised a brilliant plan to hinder their MineCraft time...we would simply change the passcode on the iPhone and iPad. The 4-digit passcode was our house number. (Genius, I know.) We decided to come up with a new 4-digit passcode that would not only confound the girls but also, and more importantly, we could remember. 

"Hey, I know...let's just use the same four digits, but only backwards," I said to Ryan late one night after the girls had gone to bed.

"Do you think they'll figure it out?" he questioned.

"Never!" I said with grand confidence as I changed the codes.


The next day I returned home from work to be greeted by my smirking 8 year-old.

" thought you could change the code on the iPad?" she asked accusingly.

"What are you talking about?" I replied innocently.

"You changed the code, Mom, so we couldn't get on the iPad," Jenna continued. "But I figured it's the house number, but backwards."

Oh, the look of satisfaction on her face was priceless. I should have snapped a photo of her right then and there. She was triumphant!

I should mention that the 12 year-old also tried to crack the code, and gave up after a few attempts. But the 8 year-old was determined...she was not going to be out-smarted by her mom and dad. I found out later that it took her less than 30 minutes to figure it out.

I've always known Jenna is a tenacious child. I just didn't realize I was such a naive parent. Lesson learned.

We are now in search of a new 4-digit code that the adults in the house can remember and the minors won't figure out. Your recommendations for "uncrackable codes" that are easy to remember are most welcome.

My neighbor suggested I do what she does...and use the 4-digit produce code of a favorite fruit. (I should mention my neighbor is super healthy and memorizes produce codes for fun so she can outsmart the checkers at the grocery store. I'm not that clever.)

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Beth@TheKCMompreneurs said...

Smart kids. Fun stuff for me to look forward to. Very clevr kids!!

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